Update-From Feb 22, 2021

We’re accepting a Maximum of 3 patients from three different households or 4 patients from two different households including New patients in one day.

All COVID-19 prevention measurement remains SAME as current clinic policy.

The aspect of Patients/Clients

  • All patients/clients must submit the COVID-19 Screening survey within 24 hrs or less.
    • Please click the LINK for Self-Assessment of COVID-19. Only patients/clients with a Negative result from the self-assessment will be accepted for the massage treatment.
  • All patients/clients must wear a Mask or Face covering.
  • For the first visit since the COVID-19 Outbreak in March 2020, All returning patients/clients are required to submit an updated Health Intake form
  • Patients/Clients requires to cover their shoes if they wish to keep their shoes on inside of the clinic or doesn’t have socks on.

The aspect of the Clinic

  • Performing PRE-SCREENING for COVID-19 to all patients/clients
    • Due to the Pre-Screening requirement, we’re not accepting the Same-Day appointment request and Walk-in Patients until further notice.
  • Clinic operations are following the guideline from CMTO, Health Ontario, Health Canada.
    • PPE
      • Wearing 3 Ply disposable Medical Mask per patient/client per session
      • Changing Clothes per patient/client per session (Isolation Gown or T-Shirts)
      • Wearing disposable Nitrile Gloves per patient/client per session
    • Disinfection process
  • Treatment sessions are limited to a maximum of 2 patients/clients a day until further notice.
  • Removed Hot towel service for sanitization control and replacing it with disposable baby wipes.
If there are any questions or concerns, please contact help@mtclinic.ca.
Thank you for the cooperation of all patients/clients.