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Posture Correction, Exercise, etc.

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Service & Price

You will get a Massage Therapy treatment always focused on your Physical and Medical condition.

The clinic is offering Free Initial Assessment on your first visit. Massage Therapy is always  Conditions focused treatment with Modified-Customized pressure up to Pain level 7 out of 10. You will learn your body balance and customized exercise for your self-care from us at the end of the treatment.

Therapeutic Massage Therapy
60 min $91.50 / 90 min $126
Acupuncture and Massage Therapy
70 min $91.50 / 100 min $126

Above New Price list will be affected as of JUL 01, 2020.

 An additional $5 will charge for the COVID-19 Prevention process.

 All prices subject to HST.

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